We know what we want

One of the benefits of being a relatively new energy company, is that we don’t need to carry around lots of old projects that don’t necessarily fit in today’s or tomorrow’s portfolio. We are quite picky when it comes to getting involved in licences or renewable projects, and that is something our investors truly appreciate. We can choose projects that are sustainable and beneficial at the same time – for us, and for the rest of the world.

Our strategy is to limit the oil and gas business to the Norwegian Continental Shelf. We have extensive NCS know-how, our employees have long exploration experience, and we already have access to a good working infrastructure, as well as a valuable human network.

When it comes to renewables though, we look broader. We have invested in one wind farm in Finland, and we see that wind power gives us a quite predictable cash flow. We are currently working on our new renewables strategy, and we’re looking forward to sharing our plans with you.