Originally, gas from Heimdal was transported in Statpipe via the Draupner and Ekofisk fields to continental Europe. When the Heimdal Gas Centre was established, a new gas pipeline was connected to the existing gas pipeline from the Frigg field to St Fergus in the UK. Gas can now also be transported via Vesterled to St Fergus. A gas pipeline was laid from Heimdal to the Grane field for gas injection at Grane. Condensate is transported by pipeline to the Brae field in the UK sector and further to Cruden Bay in the UK.

Heimdal is located in licence PL036BS. Equinor Energy AS is operator and owns 29.4%. Sval Energi AS, Petoro AS, TotalEnergie EP Norge AS and LOTOS E&P Norge AS own 28.8%, 20%, 16.8% and 5%, respectively.