Operated, 40% interest

The Oda field is in the southern part of the Norwegian North Sea, about 14 kilometres east of the Ula field. Oda was discovered in 2011, and the plan for development and operation (PDO) was approved in 2017. Oda is developed with one subsea template with two production wells and one injection well tied-back to the Ula field. Production started in 2019. The well stream is transported by pipeline to the Ula field for processing. The oil is exported to Ekofisk and then onward in Norpipe to the Teesside terminal in the UK. The gas is sold to Ula for injection into the reservoir to increase oil recovery from the Ula field.

Production on Oda commenced on 16 March 2019, five months ahead of schedule, and Oda is expected to produce beyond 2030. The development also came in under budget, with development costs reduced by around 15% from when the plan for development and operation (PDO) was submitted to the authorities in November 2016.