At Sval we are committed to our social responsibility in our communities. This year Sval is sponsoring Youth Mental Health Nord-Jæren to support their work in preventing isolation and mental health issues amongst children and youth.

“Mental health issues are an increasing challenge for young people, resulting in personal problems which for many also prevents them from participation in school, work and society. Supporting Youth Mental Health Nord-Jæren’s work in creating a social and inclusive community for young people is an important contribution that aligns with Sval’s values and commitment to social support”, says Sval Energi CEO Nikolai Lyngø.

Sval Energi will support Youth Mental Health Nord-Jæren with NOK 125.000. Youth Mental Health Norway is a non-profit organization that works with mental illness prevention and improved mental health care with a specific focus on youth aged 20 to 30. Their vision is to secure children and youth better mental health through the facilitation of activities, networks and social policy work. All employees at Sval were asked to contribute suggestions for the company’s sponsorship portfolio. The suggestion to sponsor Youth Mental Health Nord-Jæren came from Marion Vangsnes.

“During Covid-19, there has been an increased awareness of mental health and how restrictions on activities have affected particularly children and youth. Organizations like Youth Mental Health depend on sponsorships to offer youth exciting and inclusive activities. I suggested supporting this organization as mental health is an important aspect of health and well-being”, says Vangsnes.

“All of us can relate to the mental health effects of social distancing. In Sval’s contribution to our communities, health and safety is our number one priority. More than ever, we need to focus on securing people’s physical and mental health”, adds Lyngø.

The local team at Youth Mental Health Nord-Jæren organize weekly meetings where young people can come to have a good time, form new friendships, and share experiences with others. Sval’s contribution will help finance cultural and physical activities for youth such as theatre visits and surf trips.

“We have received feedback that our work has helped youth combat suicidal thoughts or given them a community and friendships that have helped them out of isolation. The support from Sval Energi will help more young people in the region lead a better life”, says Youth Mental Health representative Martin Nordbø.

In addition to the Youth Mental Health sponsorship, Sval Energi is supporting other projects including contributing to Trafikkland’s work with children’s traffic education and to Plan International’s work to end child marriages, supporting the organizations’ work to secure the health and safety of children and youth.