Sval Energi (Sval) is pleased to announce that the first Metsälamminkangas (MLK) wind turbine is operational and delivering power to the grid. Once fully operational and all 24 turbines are spinning, the wind farm will provide renewable electricity for more than 30 years to the integrated Nordic power market. 

The MLK windfarm project is a joint venture between Sval and Lundin Energi. With a capacity of 132 MW, the MLK wind farm will generate an annual average of 404 GWh, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 80 000 households.  

As a new generation energy company, Sval both sees the need to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint and recognizes the profitable business opportunities that arise in the process.  As part of Sval’s low carbon strategy, the company will evaluate various opportunities for carbon reduction projects both on- and offshore, including electrification of offshore fields, as well as carbon capture and storage and other decarbonisation value chains.  

The MLK wind farm is located onshore in Vaala in Finland, one of the fastest growing markets for wind energy investments in Europe, and will be fully operational in 2022.